One for the believers

Hi guys,

When people hear about this book I've written, 90% ask me the same thing - "Do you believe all this then?"

The answer is, yes, I do. Some elements of it still have me scratching my head, but I certainly believe most of it; whoever buys the book will understand once you see what sort of interesting journey I experienced for two years interviewing mediums, going to seances, being read for, going on EVP missions, having two hour coffee sessions with John Edward solving the world's problems, arguing with some mediums, and almost punching a well known and aggressive skeptic in the nose, and so on ...

But I'm not telling anyone else what they should believe. I've merely provided a forum for the mediums to discuss exactly what it is they do, what they believe, how it all works. Probing yet respectful questions served up by a mainstream journalist and author.

Just thought I'd put it out there before anyone asks me!

Cheers, guys, thanks for all your interest on the Facebook page, I'm really flattered by the amount of interest in just a few weeks.

I'm excited about Conversations With Mediums finally seeing the light of day and being released. I also thank Leon Nacson from Hay House for all his guidance, and all the mediums featured in my book for being so supportive ... and patient.

- SP

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