Other worlds like earth? Joseph, Elizabeth and co. told us so

HOW interesting it is to see NASA scientists announcing last week the discovery of an earth-like planet in our galaxy thanks to the mighty Kepler space telescope - it's the closest "scientists" have come to finding an Earth-like twin, even if it is 500 light years away. Importantly, they report it "has liquid water" on its surface.

As much as I have an interest in mediums, the afterlife, paranormal and metaphysical, I've always been fascinated by the universe, too, and theories about other galaxies, the multiverse, quantum physics and extraterrestrials. ET was the one who got me interested, the little bugger.

I fell in love with him and Spielberg's story when I was 12.

Now NASA is hellbent on discovering Earth-size planets within habitable zones of Sun-like stars that are close enough for us to investigate the atmosphere.

"If you start finding them around stars that are 50 light years away," Jason Rowe, research scientist with the SETI Institute and member of the Kepler Science Team at NASA, told the NY Daily News. "We could check to see if they have an appreciable atmosphere that could be amenable to life."

I asked the mediums in Conversations With Mediums about the potential for other worlds, whether they had experiences with other beings, and similar.

None of them disputed the possibility, several were adament there were other worlds, or other dimensions.

Joseph Tittel said to me more than two years ago: "In the next 30 to 40 years we will know all of the details of the other planets, you know, it’s coming. Not only will we have technology to discover it, they’re going to come. It’s all going to come out.”

Elizabeth Baron (RIP) went even further: " Yes. I was once visited by three men from another planet, about 15 years ago, and at the time I was painting the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, for a lady and all of a sudden I looked over in the corner and there were these three little aliens that were so wrinkled that they looked about 90 years old, and they said, ‘We want to thank you for what you’re doing to lift the vibration of your planet because there’s nothing more important in your whole world to learn than to learn to meditate’. Well, I just cried and said, ‘Thank you so much for giving me that confirmation’."

She continued: "They’re not concerned with beauty and self-image, because they’re more evolved than that, and we’re obviously more into the way a person looks than the soul. So they’ve evolved much beyond that. The reason we can’t find people on other planets is they’re not bodies—they’re spirits."

But perhaps before we look too far outside for other Earth-like worlds, maybe we should take all their (mediums) advice about looking inside first. It seems there's more of a chance of greater discoveries.

- SP

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