Travel tips for the nearly departed - an ebook in the works by Rob Smith

Our guest blogger is Rob Smith, who features in Chapter 11 of Conversations With Mediums

TRAVEL is a given. From very early years - from 'A' to 'B' - we crawl, we walk,we run, we fly, we cycle, we drive, we swim, we mentally disassociate, we 'OBE' (out of body experience). In a myriad of ways and means, we all travel. The verb 'travel' relates to short or long stays between successive moments, and possibly originated from the word 'travail' meaning to 'toil or labor'. We need to remind ourselves that in the middle ages, there were no defined roads and sea journeys were often perilous and life threatening. Travelling actually did mean 'embarking on a difficult and challenging journey'. Today, we are still very much in the 'middle ages' as regards to defining our transitional path of consciousness into the greater reality of life that awaits beyond this one, but 'roads need to be built' and considered 'perilous' journeys 'properly addressed with awareness' and made safer. As an experienced 'interactor' with interdimensional and multidimensional life, I know that this physical life of form concerns consciousness formation and 'travelling', whether it is for a short or long stay between successive moments. One of my Facebook pages, Transitional Tips for the Nearly Departed is 'souly' dedicated to providing resources to assist with our preparation for our travelling into the next state of consciousness, and - like any travelling opportunity - we need to properly prepare ourselves for this unique journey. From messages received, the immediate environs we will experience after physical death are as diverse as the multiple-states of consciousness. Indeed, they are all UNIQUE. With ongoing communication with conscious discarnate energies for over 13 years, they have provided much evidential data that one's state of consciousness at transition has an extremely formative role in creating 'reception environments' for the newly transitioned person, and that our immediate 'pre transitional mindset' does play an extremely important role. Please 'stay tuned' to my Facebook page for updates regarding the availability of Travel Tips For The Nearly Departed. May your travelling in this world, and the next, be filled with Direction, Progression, Compassion and Love

.... ~ rob Rob Smith: I am an intuitive medium, a physically-based member, who works conjointly with skilled ethereal members, and together, we are a transition and support team. I rely on clairaudience, and the mediumistic recording techniques of Instrumental Trans Communication (EVP) to initiate and receive contact with transitioned people on behalf of grieving families here in this physical world. (I use the term 'RISING' to relate to the transitionary continuum of consciousness from this fleeting dense world of form, to other less dense and lighter states of conscious awareness. RISING, at times, may require an orchestrated and cohesive group intervention in order to offer support, as well as provide 'psycho-spiritual' assistance for a discarnate person trying to negotiate their transitionary process.)

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