Radio Out There interview with Barry Eaton

Had a terrific one-hour conversation with Barry Eaton on Radio Out There recently in which he asked me to talk about the process of the book, a little about my background and how I came to write it, and also discuss the mediums featured in CWM.

Barry, a psychic medium himself and also a very experienced broadcaster, enterted the world of mediumship more than 20 years ago and has incredible insight and a super way of explaining various topics in the area.

After completing an astrology course which touched on tarot reading, Barry found himself being drawn further and further into mediumship - something he says played out for him “like a duck to water”

Barry already had a profile in talk-back commercial radio and over time introduced more and more topics related to spiritual development, psychic phenomena and psychic readings. His passion for this area grew and he eventually took to the stage with mediums Ezio de Angelis, Kate Barnes and numerologist Anne.

Barry has studied in all different areas and then his mediumship ability was sharpened after the passing of his partner. And then in 2012 he studied further at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK.

Barry's book “Afterlife” was launched in 2011 and in the USA last year, something I'm sinking my eyes into at the moment. You can also find it in the Kindle format. In his book Barry researches the afterlife from his own experiences and those he has interviewed. He simplifies things and points out "we are spiritual beings in a human body and not the other way around".

You can access our interview here -

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