One of life's most important questions - do we see our pets again after they die?

DON'T think for a minute this isn't a serious question, so who else wants to know if we see our beloved pets again in the "afterlife"? There's good news according to the mediums I've interviewed.

I'd just lost my big beautiful cat Harry at the time I interviewed August Goforth and Timothy Gray for their chapter in Conversations With Mediums and upon asking whether I'd see my "Bear" again one day, Aug certainly had the answer I needed to hear.

August: "Oh Scott, what a feeling of agonizing loss comes with the apparent disappearance of our beautiful and loving furry children. There is nothing insignificant about such a transition! I know what you feel, having endured it several times. And Tim talks about how the first person he was truly and consciously aware of upon his Rising was Bigfoot, his huge black longhaired cat."

August explained that our animals are "often the first people to meet and greet us", because they never had to contend with having an ego-mind, and are so much wiser and loving for it, and less threatening.

"You feel such pain—physical as well as emotional— because you and Harry had connected in such deep and bonding ways; it feels like a piece of you was wrenched right out of you—because it was—from your spiritual body. This kind of loss feels worse than losing a human person from one’s physical world, for our animals can’t speak in human language and tell us what’s going on; although some people can achieve this level of communication, fortunately for them. Animals in spirit have been released from the confining material of terrestrial existence and re-manifest as closer to human."

John Edward also had thoughts about the issue and went as far to say during his public demonstrations it is often the most popular subject matter.

"They do come through. Pets always get the biggest reaction in the crowd, it’s the funniest thing," John said. "I can sit there and bring through the whole family— mum, dad, grandma, aunt Suzie, cousins—and then I’ll say, ‘Do you have a poodle named Fluffy?’ And they nod and everyone starts crying! And I’m like, ‘Oh. My. God’. The poodle got more emotion out of the crowd! Seriously, I think it’s because of the unconditional love that animals provide."

Charmaine Wilson also has no doubts.

She asked me, "Have you ever had an animal and you’ve loved it and the love has been reciprocated?"

My response was "God yes".

Charmaine explained that animal can come back and communicate through a medium using clairsentience as easily and as clearly as any human.

"There is no question. I’ve had the most wonderful contact with dogs, cats and horses. I can remember I read for a person one day and a bloody great big horse’s head came over his shoulder, clairvoyantly I saw this, and I said, ‘Oh my god, this horse was your best friend’, and all I could hear was this big burly bloke, a little breathless and paused before saying with emotion, ‘Tell him he was my best friend too’. That horse was just the most amazing contact. Not all animals would want to communicate, of course, it’s only when the love has been reciprocal."

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- SP


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