Psychic medium Anthony Kilner's take on whether or not you should or could become a medium

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Life as a Psychic Medium can be somewhat interesting at times and some of the questions I get asked can be tricky to answer because the ramifications can go way beyond what we might be thinking of at the time. Scott Podmore, author of Conversations with Mediums, asked me a question recently regarding teaching mediumship or what I call intuitive development. His question was simply, “There seems to be a medium on every street corner these days, what gives people the right to work as a medium if all they have had is a spiritual experience?”

It’s a fair enough question that does not have a simple answer. First of all I believe anyone can learn how to connect with the spirit world if they are open to it. This does not mean however that they should, or could, head out into the workforce as a Psychic Medium. Regardless of how gifted a person is, it takes years of hard work, passion and the ability to learn a variety of skill sets before anyone should step out to work in the public arena and a mentor throughout this process is, I believe, very important. I don’t encourage any of my students to go public as a Psychic Medium and charge for their services without doing the hard yards. On the other hand they are supported in all ways to get there if that’s what they want to do.

There is nothing to stop people from printing up some business cards and saying they are a Psychic Medium and charge for readings after having a spiritual experience or doing a few days of training. There are also many people that have the ability naturally however they may not understand what they are doing or realise they need to be accountable for what they say or do. There are people who do a weekend or week long course or work with other mediums in the course of their work and then call themselves a Medium and set up a business accordingly. Unless the person has a gift beyond the norm, I’d suggest that there could be some big holes in their spiritual education in these instances.

Being a Psychic Medium is ever evolving and knowing how and when to say things is more important to me than the details. I believe that being a good Psychic Medium requires life experience and continual training to be successful in helping people get in touch with their loved ones who have passed or helping clients get in touch with themselves to live a happier, healthier life. Hmm, this is the short answer Scott!

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CWM guest blogger, Anthony Kilner

Psychic Medium / Author of Secret Spiritual Business – Unlocking the Power to Holistic Success! For more information visit his website Bridging Reams

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