Tapping into your inner knowing with 'Mum Moments' author Judy Taylor

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When you are actively involved in something do you ever get the thought "go for a walk", "take a break", "I need a coffee"?

Well that's your intuition also known as your inner knowing.

When I get this message and I listen to my intuition I am continually surprised by the amazing opportunities that present in my life.

So often it is easy to be in your head with all the the things you should be doing, have to do, must finish that you are completely out of touch with the moment.

When you choose to listen to your intuition I believe you are guided in every aspect of your life.

In the stillness, I often close my eyes, focus on my breathing, observe what is happening in my physical body, observe my thoughts and come to a space where I can make positive choices on my next step.

Often In the moment I use whatever is presenting in front of me for the answer. For instance I may pick up a book, hold it in my hands, focus on the book and ask the question, "What do I need right now?" I open the book and the words I need for my next step are right in front of me.

It's all about focus and intent.

You can practice this in any given moment wherever you are, at home, work, school, out walking, shopping or anywhere.

When my children were very young and we were out shopping at Christmas time I was I overwhelmed by the crazy energy in a busy shopping centre. I stopped, sat down and focused my attention on a coke machine as I became aware of my breathing, my body and how I was feeling. I came to a space where the overwhelm was gone and I was able to shop observing the crazy energy without being part of it. This shows you can do it anywhere.

The more you practice this the better you get at it. Who benefits? You do. Would you like to try it?

When my mum died suddenly in 2011 practicing living in the moment and listening to my intuition was "in my face" and actually became my survival technique as I navigated my journey through grief. In my darkest moment writing my feelings down saved me.


CWM guest blogger, Judy Taylor

Author of Mum Moments. For more information visit http://www.positivesigns.com.au

Highly recommended! SP

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