Mediumship development - too much too fast without solid foundations and guidance does not work

Christine Morgan's chapter in Conversations With Mediums is proving to be one of the most popular given the feedback I'm receiving from readers, particularly when it comes to mediumship development. She is regarded as one of Australia's, if not the world's, most respected teachers, guiding people at a "deeper level" as opposed to so much of that rushed 'surface level' development that has infiltrated our society where every man, woman and their dog are jumping the gun in working in the field ... perhaps when either they shouldn't be at all and it maybe more about them finiding their own spiritual path, otherwise at the very least they need much, much more guidance and development from someone who knows what they are doing.

As someone who has researched the subject thoroughly, I can assure you there is a saturation of inexperienced, misguided or false "mediums" offering their services which obviously only lends more ammunition for skeptics and doesn't do any favours regarding the undetachable stigma associated with spiritual mediumship at this current stage of our evolution.

As Christine prepares to visit Melbourne in February for a workshop, I asked her to be my guest blogger this month and discuss what she says is the "importance of deepening the spirit connection and blending correctly with the other world - getting people to understand what is them, psychic and spirit". So many are working "psychically" with a "lack of education".

Here is her blog ...

THE importance of correct "unfoldment" in the development of the spirit within and the connection to the spirit world is imperative. Firstly, I would say to all who wish to develop their ability one thing: Why?

Really soul search what you are drawn to. Many times there is a total misunderstanding of true spiritual mediumship, which leads to misrepresentation of the spirit world. Let us look at the spirit within. This journey of life is a dance of many different things that interest us. So, are we just interested or can we offer something to life itself? That being the case, if we seek to develop spiritually and stimulate our senses to be able to help ourselves as well as others, then we may have a good foundation. It is no use to develop an ability if it is not meaningful to yourself, either! That's important. That being said, the faculty of mediumship or psychic awareness is simply that - a faculty. Spirituality is totally different. We have allowed the word "spiritual" to be attached to many things and elements that indeed are not of the spirit world. So, by definition it is a word of description overused in a field that often is so far removed from true spirit communication. In the beginning, one should always look for a teacher to guide and support. Mediumship cannot be taught. Teachers can only assist in understanding that which is happening to the student. So watch your teacher, look for what they do, challenge and question different abilities so that you know you are with the correct one. Teachers change as you develop and grow, that is a fact of development, but a true teacher will always encourage students to unfold naturally within their own experience of awareness. Awareness comes about in the sitting of the self and the silence, not guided meditations. However, they (guided meditations) may be used to initiate at the beginning: only to bring an awareness of inner balance. What we are looking for is to firstly create a sense of inner awareness of you, so that those in the spirit world - when and if they draw close to you - can be aware of your intentions. As you sit with the focused intention to move towards the spirit world, there is a sense of change within the vibration of the auric field of the student developing. Different sensations, different experiences, some not explainable: just the allowing of the student to sit with themselves and understand their own energy first before even considering to try to make a connection is vital. The spirit world know the intentions and a good teacher will assist with this. Time periods vary with people, but the more you sit in the silence, the power of the spirit world may become closer to you. Notice I have said "may", as it is a journey of the soul's unfoldment and very often we learn to link with the spirit and not ourself. So let the journey begin with awareness of you. The development process will unfold according to the inherent ability, correct approach and stimulus of the senses. There is no hard fast rule how to do it, but a teacher should be able to be aware of what is taking place with the student. No time sitting for the development of the soul is wasted either to stimulate psychic senses, to build and create what we term the Power of the Spirit, so they may blend more with our vibration, it all is important. Understanding the differences between psychic stimulation and true evidential mediumship is vital, and every medium should be understanding of that. The psychic faculty is stimulated in spiritual communication, so at the beginning it is normal to mix things up. Again, here a teacher who is able to link with you is needed. It is an ongoing progression, which may be very slow, so can be disheartening at times and frustrating! However, within the unfoldment process either by yourself or within a group, changes will occur if the harmony is right. We are all responsible for our relationship to the spirit world, we are responsible for our part in development - they cannot assist us if we do not give time to them.

Too much too quickly without correct foundations does not last long and often becomes psychically driven.

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As mediums, we are offering evidence of the world unseen, to help assist in grief, loss and the basic human needs of humanity to understand we are all part of the whole. Spirit is not limited by them. It is limited by ourselves, so the journey never ends! Always be prepared to ask, challenge and at times accept things.

This is not a commodity for entertainment, but a wonderful opportunity to grow towards the breathtaking gift of mediumship.

Look for the right teacher, group or sit quietly at home until one is found. Read and explore but always be prepared for change and be flexible in your development. What we want sometimes is not what they can give. It is about what they can do with us, not what we want from them. In service we are here to assist humanity, but in doing so must understand we are assisting ourselves as well. Otherwise, what would be the point?

True spirituality is being aware of all sides of ourselves, working on areas we need to improve ourselves so therefore our environment and communities improve. Being spiritual within mediumship is endeavouring to walk the talk, tough sometimes but it is honouring ourselves in truth and not covered by masks. If we learn to understand this alongside our faculty development then mediumship may not be in the sad decline it is today. Intuition is the Language of the Spirit, learn to understand the many facets of the Intuitive Arts, understand your spirit and your relationship with the spirit world. It is rewarding, insightful and joyful, deepen your knowledge and enhance abilities through correct education, be brave if you need to change things. For the spirit world will reward you.


Join Christine in Melbourne, Australia, on February 14-15 for a special weekend of spiritual development and awakening. For more information call Leah on 0433 453 106 or email

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