8 pearls of wisdom I have gained from writing Conversations With Mediums

My little Conversations With Mediums juggernaut continues, with more interest generated on a global scale and I apologise for the lengthy delay between CWM blogs.

A recent visit to the Book Expo America in New York has sparked more sales and I'm happy to announce I have a new batch of books - so anyone looking for a great gift idea, I'm more than happy to sign with a special personalised note. You can buy the book for $25 within Australia (that includes FREE postage) and $35 outside Australia (FREE postage).

At a book event recently, a close friend asked me a good question. What pearls of wisdom have you gained from writing Conversations With Mediums? She said: "Inadvertently or not, you've gained so much from creating this book. It's changed you and I hear it in the way you talk now."

She's right. I can proudly say doing such a book project has made me a better man. If not that, certainly one a lot more at peace with myself.

And no, I don't think I've become a guru or spiritual thought leader, but I do appreciate what I've learnt from some profound conversations with very interesting mediums from throughout the world. Ideas of why we're here and discussion about an afterlife, and some really lovely guidance about how to tackle those moments in life when we are dealing with family or friends grieving. Or who are questioning their own existence and having a tough time navigating their way through life and all its challenges.

So, when it comes to pearls of wisdom, I wrote 8 down for my friend. She loved them and insisted I share that information. You may find one or two useful, so here goes.

1. IT'S OK TO DOUBT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT OR CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE. In other words, step outside yourself and make a deeper observation. Don't gobble up everything that's served. Make your own mind up.

2. EGO REALLY IS A DIRTY WORD. Ego wants control, lives in fear and is addicted to power. It's not who you really are so have a closer look at what's driving your reaction to something, especially if your emotions are attached. Ego is a social mask, I discovered through Conversations, and it's merely a role you're playing and it thrives on approval. Ditch it.

3. FIND YOUR OWN TRUTH. Don't believe everything you read or what you're told. You'll feel the truth: it feels good, plain and simple. If it doesn't feel good, investigate why or jump on a path in which your conclusion makes more sense. Ultimately you're the one who lives with it. Live a lie and you suffer. Live a truth and you'll thrive.

4. LOVE IS THE ANSWER. John Lennon told us, as did many others, and they're clearly right. Love is the only thing in this world that genuinely helps us through pain and makes us feel great again. Always go to your heart. There's never going to be an oversupply of love in this world we're living in. We all know there's actually a shortage.

5. DON'T DISMISS SOMEONE ELSE'S BELIEF SYSTEM TO SUIT YOURSELF. That's their path they're talking about, not yours. We're all entitled to our own belief systems and don't be too quick to judge someone else's - after all, there may be something in theirs that helps construct yours. I've interviewed 30 mediums in depth and I can tell you people choose to dismiss certain aspects of mediumship all too easily and with no depth to their reason. Shallow, fear-based skepticism. The more I looked into things, the more I made some unexpected discoveries. (note: this isn't about pinpointing extremist belief systems, either, it's a generic observation)

6. IT'S ABOUT PERSPECTIVE. John Edward pulled me up early for being a little flippant about those who are into the airy-fairy side of life and what they believe. He looked me in the eye with a straight face and said "but that may work for their own perspective built on their own experiences and conditioning". If someone believes in wizards, fairies or believe they are getting messages from native Indians, dead film stars or were Cleopatra in a past life, maybe it's more about "representations" of such iconic figures to enhance or aid their own understanding of a message or life direction. In more simple terms, perhaps it's all about allowing the penny to drop in order for a person to comprehend a message from source/spirit/heaven/God/Alla/whatever you choose to call it. If it's going to help them, who cares?

7. YOUR ENEMIES MAY BE YOUR GREATEST TEACHERS. That's nothing new and the Dalai Lama and Buddha are all for it. It's definitely something I now pay a lot more attention to after a bunch of conversations of substance. It's not easy, but: don't hold a grudge, play their wicked game, or focus on negativity or getting even with an enemy. There's a lot to be said for tolerance and even more to be said for moving past lingering issues that do nothing more than cause you worry. More importantly, your enemies can reveal more about your own compassion and patience (or lack of it) in an imperfect world. Refer to Point No. 2.

8. ACKNOWLEDGE OTHERS YOU CARE ABOUT WHO WANT TO BE HEARD. I'm not talking about those you don't care about. Even if you disagree, you'll be amazed how much easier it is to live with and interact with people who you care about when you let them know you've heard them; whether you agree with them or not is another thing. That doesn't mean you don't express what you believe in or stand up for yourself. I've tested it out and when you acknowledge someone (or you listen properly) the world is a happier place.


~ SP

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